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Groupement Forestier des Cantons


Do you have questions? Here you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Any owner of a woodlot of 4 hectares or more that is within our territory
  • The owner must sign a management contract
  • Buy a share of the company
  • Have a valid forest management plan
  • Access to a team of forestry professionals
  • Access to your forest development budget and property tax rebate program.
  • Preferred rate services
  • Access to wood marketing with preferred prices at mills, including wood transportation
  • Ability to join FSC forest certification
  • Opportunity to participate in the company’s policies by becoming a director on the board of directors
  • Opportunity to obtain forest seedlings for reforestation

Development work aims to improve the quality, vigor and health of the forest. Currently, in the context of climate change, our forests are affected more than ever by severe epidemics of insects, invasive species, blowdown from wind, drought, etc. One of the best ways to increase the resistance and resilience of the forest in the face of these changes is to carry out appropriate development work.